Hello i'm YAD

fom Morroco



My story in the web field began in 2007 in a shop of my friend's father and his partner, in one of the old computers left on the side with scrap .  after that , my older brother sent me my first laptop from abroad to start my career :  starting with video games, moving to modifying copies of Windows, reconfiguring them and ending with discovering and becoming a passionate of the field of information security and programming  . I participated in several events in Morocco in order to obtain my first job in an area I am interested in with a French company .

I found professional destination and love for marketing and sales while running one of the family's projects, then another story began of an obsession of self-development in these two domains and gathering them with previous experiences, passing through suffering and failure over several years trying to find and prove to myself first  my ability to succeed in this new field .

Currently, I am a normal person managing my projects and a lover of everything related to programming, search engines and developing effective marketing plans, my goal is to help emerging businesses that are struggling  To achieve success and reach new goals throughout her life.

PHONE : +212-6351-767-34
WEBSITE : YADbib.com
SKYPE : +212-6351-767-34

With who I work ?

This question may come to your mind so here’s a list

Ordinary People

that maybe auto-entrepreneurs/freelancers or anyone who’s managing his own work on the internet


Companies owners can  benefit from all of my services that I offer legally .

Offline Businesses

f you’re a business owner that has no liaison with the internet , I can guarantee for you the perfect contact with the world


You can be anyone around the world who wants to take their business to the next level or launch a business for the first time . 

what can i do for you ?

In the following I’ll be presenting to you the services I offered to many companies and got them excellent results in their work

Build Website

I can create a website for you if you want to start a website or the website that you have is not suitable, I will provide for your business the perfect website .

Website Performance

n our time there is a huge need for speed, and all website visitors need to buy and get information quickly. I will guarantee this for your site, which will make you earn more than ever

Easy to Use

ll the tools and websites that I provide for you are a great user experience  for both the visitor and the website owner

Adding new Functionality

Tired of limited features and features on the platforms or on your website? The website will no longer be confined to it, as you can add everything you dream of


It's great to get regular and targeted visitors and customers without paying anything, this is what I can do for you on search engines .

Developing and designing action plans

You have an online project idea and want to start? I can save you a lot of effort, time and money in developing strategies, business plans and providing all the resources for your business


It is absurd to benefit from the visitor / customer only once or without drawing prior methods that the customer will take according to every action he takes. All this can be done with fannel

Training and supervision

Get 100% hands-on personal training with specific objectives and obstacles that you must accomplish before the training ends

transform or develop your project / idea into amazing results !

You are now just a few clicks away that will make us work together on your project and take responsibility for your project together, because it is really important for me to participate and achieve the desired results from your business

Always be prepared
Knowledge is closer to you than before

Always be up-to-date with the latest lessons, experiences, articles and interviews free and exclusive on our blog, as we will share with you everything you need to take your business and your website to a higher level than ever before.

هيا نصنع شيئا ما!

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Set the speed of your website and search results will be released in less than a week!

Now and for the first time, be the first to benefit from the first edition of the first book of its kind in the Arab world on configuring the speed of your site with tools and techniques for the first time that are explained in detail with a practical application of 100%.

Note: The book comes with a comprehensive course of materials for the book and more and some other gifts.



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